About Us

Our Mission at Enqli

To provide essential resources for new parents, creating tools that empower dads to actively engage in the postpartum journey, helping both parents navigate this transformative period together.

Our Vision

We envision a world where dads are prepared and informed along with moms for the postpartum period, ensuring both parents are equipped to support each other through the challenges and joys of new parenthood.

Meet the Founder - Prajani

Hey, I’m Prajani, the mom behind Enqli. After a 15+ year journey in the corporate world and becoming a mom to two lively little boys, I was inspired to start Enqli. My experiences as a new mom showed me the gaps in support for postpartum parents, and I wanted to change that. I’m particularly passionate about building resources that help new dads understand and participate more in postpartum life, making the journey smoother for the entire family.

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